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Questions about Our

Food Grade White Corn

  • Do you sale to the public?
    Yes! The public is always welcomed.
  • Do you grow the corn you sale?
    Yes! It is something we are very proud of! We are able to plant, water, harvest, clean, package, and ship our products!
  • Do you have a nutritional label?
    Yes we do! Please review our label here. They are printed on the back of each bag.
  • Do you have Non-GMO Corn?
    Yes, we sale Non-GMO and conventional corn.
  • Do you sale corn on the cob for green corn tamales?
    Unfortuanlty, we do not sale our corn for fresh green corn tamales. We specialize and package the dried corn kernels in 50# bags.
  • Do you ship?
    We have our own semi trucks for deliveries typically within 200 miles. This is for semi volume orders. Unfortunatly, we do not ship individual 50# bags postal due to the shipping cost. We hope to come up with a solution soon. Please let us know your region, and chances are we might have a distributor in your area, and you could buy direct from them if you only need a small volume.
  • How do you dry your corn?
    The use the most efficent and natural way.....the sun! Our crops are dried in the field with the full Arizona sunshine. When harvested, constant mosiure monitoring takes place to insure optimal and safe mositure conditions. We do not use a conventional dryer because this can cause issues for you as the end user. These industrial dryers can cause stress fractures in the kernels and will cause uneven cooking of the kernels in the nixtamal process.
  • Are you interested in export business?
    We are always open to new ventures. However in terms of export, we will not deliver or arrange transportation to ports. All export transactions will be COD payment terms.
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